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5 Holistic Ways to Manage Anger

Anger is a quick and powerful emotion, and it takes time to become aware of how it manifests within us. By cultivating mindful awareness and implementing holistic techniques, we can develop healthier responses to anger, promoting inner peace… Read More

Depression in Later Life

Are you in your mid-50’s or 60’s? Are there areas of your life where you don’t feel entirely satisfied? Perhaps you’ve had dreams or hopes that have been pushed aside because of raising children, trying to keep a… Read More


What is Kleptomania? Kleptomania is considered to be a type of Impulse Control Disorder in which an individual has the urge to steal items. However, they steal items that have such little value or that they don’t even… Read More

Histrionic Personality Disorder

What is Histrionic Personality Disorder? Individuals who have Histrionic Personality Disorder are individuals who have intense and unstable emotions. In addition, individuals have distorted images and tend to need the approval of others to improve their self-esteem and… Read More

Conduct Disorder

What is Conduct Disorder? Conduct Disorder is thought to be a type of behavioral and emotional disorder, which affects children and teens. An individual who is experiencing Conduct Disorder may have a disruptive and violent behavior. Individuals with… Read More

Specific Phobia Disorder

What is Specific Phobia Disorder? When an individual suffers from Specific Phobia Disorder they experience an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of a certain object or certain situation that in reality is of no danger. However, such situation or… Read More

Stereotypic Movement Disorder

What is Stereotypic Movement Disorder? Stereotypic Movement Disorder is classified under Motor Disorders in the DSM-V. Individuals who have such disorder tend to have repetitive, purposeless movement. For example, an individual may repetitively hand wave or bang their… Read More

Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Autism Spectrum Disorder is the umbrella term used to describe that it is not a single disorder, but rather there are a variety of closely related disorders to different degrees that fall under… Read More

Excoriation Disorder

What is Excoriation Disorder? Excoriation Disorder, also known as Skin Picking Disorder, is when an individual begins to pick or scab their skin so frequently and intense that the individual causes their skin to bleed, sore, or to… Read More

Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder

What is Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder (DSED)? DSED is believed to be one of the two attachment disorders that tend to develop in childhood when an individual lacks appropriate nurturing and affection from their parent or primary caregiver… Read More