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Samuel Castillo

Samuel believes therapy is a collaborative process based on sincerity, patience, and compassion. He is a client-focused practitioner who concentrates on a strengths-based approach. His goal is to guide clients toward increasing self-awareness, developing new perspectives, reducing symptoms, and building personal strengths.

Samuel’s takes a humanistic approach to therapy and incorporates reflection on attachments and support networks.  Therapy is centered around the individual as a whole – recognizing intrinsic uniqueness and reinforcing inner strength – supporting an individual’s innate ability to grow and thrive.  

At the same time, Samuel believes that building healthy attachments and support systems can lead to constructive growth and wellbeing, as well as help foster long lasting interpersonal relationships built on trust and safety. Through his experience with various populations and diverse backgrounds, Samuel is committed to providing honesty, understanding, and authenticity in each session.

Samuel Castillo is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles. As a therapist Samuel has worked with adults, prenatal and postnatal mother’s, parents, at-risk youth and probationary teens, individuals, couples, and families who are struggling with circumstances such as trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, post-partum depression ,and post-partum anxiety. Prior to becoming a therapist, Samuel spent more than a decade working in the adolescent youth development sector in a variety of settings, including as a case manager, health educator, teacher, mentor, and sports coach, through different school systems and non-profit organizations in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo counties.