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Month: March 2018

Delusional Disorder

What is Delusional Disorder? Delusional disorder, previously known as Paranoid Disorder, is a mental illness in which an individual who suffers from such disorder, cannot tell reality from imagined. However, in order for an individual to be diagnosed… Read More


Does your child continue to wet their bed at night? Enuresis is a type of elimination disorder in which a child or individual continues to involuntary experience bed-wetting. Nocturnal enuresis is the most common type of elimination disorder… Read More

Nightmare Disorder

Do you tend to wake up at night, terrified or threatened? Nightmare disorder is described as a state in which an individual has repeated dreams in which they feel threatened or frightened, which the fear then causes the… Read More

Caffeine Intoxication

Do you like your coffee? Your tea? Your chocolate bars? Caffeine Intoxication is believed to be a condition in which the consumption of caffeine causes an individual to distress and as well as impaired functioning. Furthermore, caffeine is… Read More

How Can I Deal with Agoraphobia?

Do you ever experience fear when you are in a specific place or situation? Does such place or situation make you feel trapped, helpless, or even embarrassed? Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which an individual… Read More

Rumination Disorder

What is Rumination Disorder? Rumination Disorder is considered to be one of the many eating disorders that have been and can be diagnosed. An individual with Rumination Disorder is repeatedly and unintentionally, spiting up undigested (or partially digest)… Read More

Tourette’s Disorder/Syndrome

What is Tourette’s Disorder/Syndrome? Do you or your child suddenly blink repeatedly? Have sudden tics? Tourette’s Syndrome is a disorder where there is a problem with an individuals nervous system that causes an individual to make sudden movements… Read More

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Narcissistic Personality Disorder is one of many personality disorders in which an individual has an extreme need for attention and admiration. Such individuals tend to have trouble in their relationships and a lack… Read More

Pica Disorder

What is Pica Disorder? Pica Disorder is considered to be a type of Eating Disorder in which an individual has a persistent habit of eating non-food substances such as dirt, hair or pain that do not have a… Read More

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

What is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? It is believed that about 2% of adults are affected with BPD. BPD is considered to be a serious mental illness in which an individual has an instability in moods, self-image, behavior,… Read More