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Support Group: Managing Interpersonal Relationships

Do you have a hard timing finding peace in your interpersonal relationships? Do you ever feel put down by your loved ones rather then feeling supported? We often engage in relationships that may cause us trouble, however, there are ways to work around it.

Ventura Community Counseling will be offering a six week support group to facilitate greater ease in relationships. Participants may be struggling with any kind of relationship – not just romantic or marital ones. Often, individuals find themselves in friendships or family relationships that are challenging. This six-week support group may be able to help.

What is the purpose of the support group?

The purpose of the support group is to provide individuals with not only a safe space, but skills on how to manage their interpersonal relationships whether it be with a romantic partner, a parent, a sibling, co-worker, or friend to say a few. Our hope is that through this support group and as an individual engages with peers who have a similar problem, they will feel a connection among one another along with moral support as they share their personal experiences and advice. Individuals will also learn the differences between an unhealthy and a healthy relationship, as well as an insight as to what their attachment style is and how that may affect their lifestyle in the future, and they will also learn about effective ways as to how to manage a solvable or perpetual conflict.

How long is the support group?

The support group is designed to be implemented throughout a six-week period. Members will be meeting once a week for an hour and a half.

What are the benefits of participating in the support group?

  • Moral support
  • A development of a clearer understanding as to what to expect from your situation
  • Having the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about your feelings
  • Gaining a sense of empowerment and control
  • Improve not only your social skills, but your ability to cope with your relationships
  • Reduce distress
  • Increase self-understanding
  • A better understanding of ways to adjust to your relationships